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CPS 5401  Fall 2014  Labs

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Date Topic  Reading
08/27/2014  Introduction to Linux 

Eijkhout Chapter 18

Software Carpentry -- The Unix Shell

Linux Lab1 handout




Compiling and linking

Eijkhout Chapter 19

Shared Libraries HOW-TO

09/08/2014 Makefiles

Eijkhout Chapter 20

Software Carpentry -- Make

09/10/2014 PAPI


09/15/2014 PAPI (cont.)
09/17/2014 C Lab    
09/22/2014 C and Performance Lab

Blocked matrix algorithms

GNU gcc compiler optimization

Lab 2 Programming for Performance
09/24/2014 Fortran Lab
Fortran90 Tutorial at MTU

Examples from MTU tutorial

Makefile for a simple Fortran project

09/29/2014 Fortran90 Lab  

Examples from MTU tutorial

Finish Lab 2

10/01/2014 Python Lab   Python exercises at http://www.codeacademy.com/learn (Click on Python)
10/06/2014 NumPy and SciPy Lab   NumPy Tutorial exercises
10/08/2014 Python Scripting of Simulation Workflow   Workflow Scripting example
10/13/2014 Intro to Parallel Computing   Example codes in Pthreads, OpenMP, MPI
10/15/2014 Intro to OpenMP  

OpenMP example codes

10/20/2014 Intro to MPI   Exercises in Intro to MPI at www.citutor.org



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