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CS 5334 4390 Spring 2017 Lab Assignments

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Starting with Lab 2, all lab assignments that ask for a Makefile must include a proper Makefile that works with the make command on Stampede. If you are not familiar with Makefiles, please see the Software Carpentry Make Tutorial.


Due date  Assignment  GitHub  Group discussion


extended to 02/09/2017 

Lab 1 -- Concurrent Programming using Pthreads  Word  PDF https://classroom.github.com/assignment-invitations/9f2612132f77cb9b731682c781340bc7   GoogleDoc


extended to 03/24/2017

Lab 2 -  OpenMP Parallelization of the Floyd-Warshall algorithm

Word  PDF

Sample input: graph2000-10000.dat

Corresponding output: graph2000-10000.paths.dat.gz





extended to 05/09/2017

Lab 3 - Optimization and Parallelization of a Molecular Dynamics Application

Word   PDF






    Stampede roofline model 

KNL roofline model



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